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Please Note: A Minimum Order of $35 is Required for All Purchases

  • Blue Skies Forever
  • Paradise Gone Tropical 

Jump into our Summer Bars early as they are a limited

Excluding Sales Tax

    Our soap bars are meticulously crafted with premium essential oils and herbs, providing gentle yet effective cleansing that leaves your skin refreshed, revitalized, and velvety smooth. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our eco-friendly bar soap packaging, reducing waste. With natural ingredients, our plant-based soaps are gentle and perfect for most skin sensitivities. We also make a priority for cruelty-free practices, although some of our soaps may contain a spot of honey. Our soaps are created for a our brothers and sisters who need quality, over massed produced soaps. Not filled with perservatives, chemicals and fake manufactured smells. But, we need and desire a  luxurious and nourishing soap that aligns with our values.

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