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“My Reason for Reason” 🎶 Isn’t that a song of long ago? 

It is the basis for Claire Marie’s Organic Soap and these are the reasons I had to make the change and provide a natural product line for myself and for others. 

By helping those with skin sensitivities to get away from harsh and unhealthy products that we use daily. Is our mission. Products we put on our bodies and our children’s bodies as well as our beloved pets. That have caused most of us extreme discomfort. The chemicals, dyes and phosphates and of course words we cannot pronounce let alone know what they are, are causing skin allergies and other health issues. All of the brand names we have all heard about for years and have used and been faithful to. WHY? Big business who have squeezed out the little companies. We are a small company with a big heart for you and your family and our friends and their families. 

The heart of American 🇺🇸 lifestyles. We are at a crucial time now to choose.

Here is the skinny:

  1. Liquid dye is the most popular way to colorize soap. You will find none of that in a Claire Marie’s Bar soap. Our blends are colorized with a variety of natural herbs. Either by herb powder form or shifter for a larger size steeped in oil to bring out the color in a liquid form for a smooth and transparent look. 

  2. With the all-natural ingredients Claire Marie’s Organic Soaps use to make our soaps, there is nothing left to irritate your skin. No liquid dyes or color additives, no preservatives, no artificial fragrances that will cause skin irritation in *our plant based soaps*. We use plant based materials for our soap making and its far more gentle for those with skin sensitivities. And those who for now are not experiencing skin allergies.

  3. For those that actively pursue a lifestyle that is cruelty free and vegan, you will be delighted to know that all of our soaps follow the same lifestyle choices. We are registered and certified under the label of cruelty free. The exception for our vegan lifestyle is our soaps that would include honey in its ingredients. Please choose the best and enjoy softer and cleaner and healthier skin. Also we have carefully created home cleaning products and laundry soap( for HE washer)foaming hand soap, liquid bath wash and our wonderful pet shampoo. Thank you for giving our product a try. And making it a staple in your home!


oranges Claire Marie’s Handmade Organic Soaps
Claire Marie’s Handmade Organic Soaps lavender garden watercolor

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