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Please Note: A Minimum Order of $35 is Required for All Purchases

Special Blends - when they are gone they are gone

  • Purple Spring Bar
  • Gentle Rain Spring Bar

Jump into Spring Time with These Two Special Additions

Excluding Sales Tax

    These soap bars are crafted with essential oils and herbs, to be gentle while also providing a cleansing that will leave your skin velvety smooth, clean and refreshed! Try this feeling of revitalized full body happy. Our soaps are not going to leave you with a slimy feeling that is hard to clean off. Our commitment to sustainability is important to us as we try hard to reflect that in our eco-friendly packaging for our bar soaps. Reducing waste and minimizing our carbon footprint. With natural ingredients, our plant-based soaps are gentle and perfect for most skin sensitivities. We also prioritize cruelty-free practices, although some of our soaps may contain a spot of honey as an exception for our vegan preferences. Won't you choose our soaps for a nourishing experience.

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