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Please Note: A Minimum Order of $35 is Required for All Purchases

Our shampoo and conditioner bars are perfect for different hair types. The shampoo 4 oz. bar can wash your hair up to 70 uses. That is a savings passed on to you over buying shampoo bottles! the shampoo will lather up to remove everyday exposure to toxins and will provide your hair with a softness and clean that will last several days. No fillers and No Parabens. i just love this shampoo and I am happy to offer it.

The conditioner bar also replaces your bottle conditioner. Your hair will feel thicker again have a soft feeling. That is double soft. I use it for my color treated hair. My customers who use keratin agree with the softness, no frizz. Many have tested it on their bleached hair and same happy customer. 

Our Best Bar Shampoo * Best Bar Conditioner

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  • Best Bar of Shampoo/ a well known product BTMS-50 is used for its conditioning effects. To include cocoa butter, inserted is goat milk powder instead of goat milk, next sodium lactate, aloe, dl-panthenol commonly provides hydration while making your locks smooth. For an added good measure the soap contains sodium isenthionate as well as cocamidopropyl betaine.

    Best Bar of Conditioner/ again a well known product BTMS-50 known for its conditioning effects, this bar has oil of coconut. My favorites are shea and cocoa butter, drum roll avocado oil, Panthenol  hydration to your hair, for a smooth and wonderful. we provide an anti irritant agent, a soft fragrance, and the mica colorant and it is vegan

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